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Residential Spas

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Prozone systems are ideal for spas. Ozone eliminates the need for chemicals to oxidize contaminates and organics on contact. It is produced on-site, converting oxygen molecules “in the air” into ozone. When organics such as bacteria, viruses, and batherload are burned up in the process, it then reverts back to pure, fresh oxygen. Prozone’s patented Hybrid Ozone systems are the next generation of water purification technology using Ozone and UV, generating Advanced Oxidation with ozone and hydroxyl radicals.

Eco Master Ozone Generator Top 50 products
Eco Master® for Spas

Spas Up To 800 Gallons

Eco Master® combines state-of-the-art Germicidal UV-C with Ozone and Advanced Oxidation Processing (AOP) all in one compact system for the most powerful non-chemical, non-chlorine/bromine, non-mineral oxidation of any spa.

PZ1 Spa ozonator photo
PZ1 Series

Spas Up To 600 Gallons

For residential spas up to 600 gallons. Standard air kit included
for ozone ready spa. Bypass installation kit for retrofit available.

PZ3-X Spa Ozonator photo
PZ3 Ozonator

Spas Up To 600 gallons

A complete ozone generator cartridge for portable spas or custom applications, the PZ3 Ozonator has set the reliability standard for the industry.

PZ5 Compressor Ozonator photo
PZ 5 Compressor Ozonator

Spas Up To 800 Gallons

CSS-5 Ozone/salt Chlorine Generator photo

Spas Up To 1000 Gallons

Prozone combines ozone and salt chlorine generation together in one Complete Sanitation System for residential spas up to 1,000 gallons. Bypass installation kit included.

ozone generators clean air and water
ozone generators clean air and water
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