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PZ2 Hybrid Series

The PZ2 Hybrid Series features Prozone’s patented Hybrid Advanced Oxidation Ozone generators which create both ozone and hydroxyl radicals for the ultimate in water oxidation and purification. Each rugged Hybrid system is venturi or compressor driven, injecting consistant amounts of ozone into the water. The systems are built to withstand tough environments with simple and reliable operation and maintenance. All Prozone Hybrid systems come turn-key for a fast and easy installation.

What is AOP Hybrid Technology?

Prozone’s patented AOP Hybrid 20,000 arc tube produces high concentration levels of Ozone and Hydroxyls through Advanced Oxidation Processing (AOP) while also producing Germicidal UV-C. The Hybrid produces the most powerful oxidizers, Ozone and Hydroxyls, to kill bacteria, virus and algae, taking advantage of the Hybrid’s inherent simplicity.

How it works…

Air enters the Hybrid lamp chamber, energizing the Oxygen, converting it to Ozone (O3) and Hydroxyls (OH-). Combined with Ozone and water vapor, the molecule is then irradiated by the Hybrid Germicidal UV-C which converts some of the Ozone to Hydroxyl Radicals (OH-) through Advanced Oxidation Processing (AOP). This mixture is then injected into water for the most powerful of all of nature’s oxidizers for safe, simply brilliant, pure water.

Hybrid Lamp photo
AOP Hybrid Arc Tube
AOP Molecules Diagram

Advanced Oxidation is a process that combines Ozone and Ultra Violet light to instantly destroy or burn up bacteria and pollutants. In water, ozone oxidizes combined chlorine and bromine, freeing them to be continuously re-used.

ozone generators clean air and water
ozone generators clean air and water
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