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Commercial Spas

Commercial Spas Photo

Commercial Spa Water Purification Technology

Prozone systems are ideal for commercial spa water purification. Ozone eliminates the need for chemicals to oxidize contaminates and organics on contact. It is produced on-site, converting oxygen molecules “in the air” into ozone. When organics such as bacteria, viruses, and batherload are burned up in the process, it then reverts back to pure, fresh oxygen. Prozone’s patented Hybrid Ozone systems are the next generation of water purification technology using Ozone and UV, generating Advanced Oxidation with ozone and hydroxyl radicals.

PZ2-1 Ozonator Commercial photo


Spas Up To 500 Gallons

PZ2-2 Ozonator Commercial photo


Spas Up To 1000 Gallons

#4 Best Pool Ozone Generator


Pools Up To 40,000 Gallons

PZ2-4 thru PZ2-48 photo

PZ2-4 PZ2-48

Spas Up To 1,500 Gallons


Spas Up To 3,000 Gallons


ozone generators clean air and water
ozone generators clean air and water
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