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Commercial Recreational Water

Clean, healthy, safe water is critical in the commercial recreational water industry.

Whether it’s a water park, amusement park, hotel pool or the community pool, you have to be sure you’re providing the best solution for keeping the water safe for the swimmers. Exposure to water that is not properly clean can cause gastrointestinal, respiratory, even neurological illnesses or RWI’s (Recreational Water Illnesses).

RWIs are caused by microorganisms in and around the water. Some of the microorganisms are very tolerant to chlorine. In particular, cryptosporidium (crypto for short) has become the leading cause of swimming pool-related outbreaks of diarrhea involved illness. An outbreak can lead to immediate shut-down of the infected facility resulting in sometimes devastating financial loss. Chlorine alone cannot clean a pool infected with crypto.

Prozone ozone generators destroy crypto, other microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and algae on contact – with no harmful by-products. Ozone also breaks down harmful chemicals and acts as a flocculent, causing total dissolved solids to be suspended and easily removed by the water filtration process.

Prozone has over 35 years experience in the execution of ozone projects commercially and in the pool and spa industry. Most systems are designed as integrated water treatment packages which only require the end-user to connect power, water in/out, and off-gas venting: true turn-key solutions.

Advantages of Ozone & Hydroxyls

  • Achieves sanitation by the inactivation of cysts, viruses, and bacteria while controlling biofouling
  • Enhances the effectiveness of chlorine by recycling the combined chlorines back to their free chlorine state reducing chemical costs by 60-80%
  • Reduces the amount of shocking required to maintain the water
  • Eliminates odors and eye irritation
  • Enhances filtration by oxidizing contaminants and forming precipitants
  • Reduces corrosion of structures and equipment through chloramines reduction
  • Readily oxidizes organic compounds

- Prozone ozone generators destroy cryptosporidium (crypto), other microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and algae on contact, with no harmful by-products.

Oxidation leads to Precipitation which leads to Filtration Heading
Ozone killing bad stuff diagram
1 – Oxidation

Ozone destroys algae, viruses, and bacteria on contact with no harmful by-products. Ozone oxidizes combined chlorine and bromine, freeing them to be continuously reused. Therefore the use and cost of chemicals is reduced.

  • Ozone reacts with bather loading and combined halogens
  • Reduces contaminants to inert compounds or carbon dioxide and water
  • Oxidizes combined halogens
2 – Precipitation

It breaks down harmful chemicals and acts as a flocculent, causing total dissolved solids to be precipitated and easily removed by the water filtration process.

  • Ozone removes metals (iron, manganese, zinc, copper, etc.)
  • Oxidized organics also precipitate
  • Filtration and clarification are enhanced by precipitation
3 – Filtration / Sanitation / Disinfection

Ozone is the most powerful sanitizer, non-selectively killing all microorganisms while producing no harmful byproducts.

  • Ozone is the most powerful disinfectant available
  • Rapidly kills bacteria and viruses

Prozone Reduces Biofilms – Safely, Effectively

All water contains naturally occurring forms of bacteria and contaminants. Add human bodies to the mix and the load goes up with each swimmer shedding billions of bacteria and contaminants. Chlorine cannot be relied on alone to remove or neutralize the bacteria and bather load because bacteria builds colonies called biofilms. These biofilms are very sticky and adhere not only to each other but to most surfaces. Biofilms permeate pipe lines, filters, pool fittings, jets and spray heads harboring Legionella, Cryptosporidium, Staphylococcus, and other kinds of harmful microorganisms. Combining Ozone and UV Germicidal creates Advanced Oxidation Processing – an unbeatable combination. The pure ozone produced by Prozone ozonators rips through biofilms and then oxidizes (decomposes) the resulting free matter into flocculants that are easily removed by filtration. The water purification and filtration cycle is more efficient and the chemical usage is reduced 60-80%.

Read more about AOP Science of Biofilms Elimination

Biofilms Diagram

Technical Competence

Prozone possesses proprietary knowledge, patents, and equipment designs in the following areas:

  • Bypass Technology
  • Dynamic Injector Technology
  • Counter-Flow Contactors
  • Air/Oxygen Feedback Systems
  • Skid Designs
  • Diffusion Devices
  • Advanced Oxidation
  • Static Mixers
  • Modular Corona Discharge Systems
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Combined Ozone-Chemical Systems
  • High Performance Hybrid Ozone Systems
  • Air/Oxygen Separators
  • UV and VUV Systems
  • Ozone/Hydroxyl Production
ozone generators clean air and water
ozone generators clean air and water
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