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AOP Video

The Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Explained…

This video explains the Advanced Oxidation Process which occurs with Prozone’s patented Hybrid™ AOP Generators. Particularly the Eco Master® Spa and the Eco Master® Pool which combine germicidal UV-C and ozone in an all-in-one design.

New from Prozone, Eco Master® the most compact, all in one AOP system on the market. The Advanced Oxidation Process, or AOP, while a complex and continuous process, can be explained by breaking down the cycle. Oxygen along with water vapor inside the Eco Master® unit is energized by the patented Hybrid™ lamp converting it to ozone and some hydroxyl radicals. The ozone and hydroxyls are drawn in by the dynamic venturi and then mixed with the water that flows through the venturi injector in a scrambled flow. The ozonated water mixture is irradiated by the germicidal UV-C wavelength from the Hybrid™ lamp, converting some of the ozone to more hydroxyls in the Advanced Oxidation Process. Ozone’s highly energetic oxygen molecule and even more powerful hydroxyls break down chloramines and burn up pollutants like viruses, bacteria, metals, and algae. Those oxidized materials now act as a flocculent, causing total dissolved solids to be precipitated and easily removed by the water filtration process. Leaving behind no harmful by-products. Just oxygen, for clean, clear, healthy water… Simply Brilliant. By Prozone, makers of the original and most innovative patented Advanced Oxidation Process system on the market.

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