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Saddle Clamps

Prozone Water Products Patented Adjustable Saddle Clamps allow for multiple uses. They can be used as a clamp, as a single port clamp or as a double port clamp. The saddle clamps are designed so they may be easily adjusted to fit 2”, 1½” or 50 mm pipe connecting to ½” standard pipe. All of this comes with a NO GLUE user friendly installation that can easily be retrofitted to existing plumping.



  • Easily retrofit installation
  • Multi-size pipe clamp
  • Requires only one hole drilled
  • No glue necessary, taper press fit
  • Only two screws required to assemble/tighten
  • Simplistic one step non-binding installation
  • Ozone/chemical resistant
  • 100 psi holding pressure
  • Glass filled polycarbonate
Saddle Clamps Patented


Saddle Clamp Installation
ozone generators clean air and water
ozone generators clean air and water
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