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Mycropore™ Diffuser

Micropore™ Diffuser photo
Prozone’s exclusive Micropore™ Diffusers/Spargers ensure optimal ozone absorption with its porous high tech stainless steel diffusion disk. The high concentration of micro-level holes produce extremely small, high velocity turbulent bubbles for rapid ozone mass transfer. Superior ozone resistance construction of housing and gasketing provides long life and easy cleaning without deterioration. Diffuser clusters and racks are available for large system installations.
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Mycropore™ Diffuser Kits:

Provided with 25/32 linear threads for 3/4-inch pre-plumbed installation.
Provided with 1/4-inch hose barb fitting for over the side portable installation.
Provided with 3/4-inch linear threads and gasket for mounting.


Patents #5,075,016; #6,192,911; #6,426,053; #6,342,154 and patents pending
ozone generators clean air and water
ozone generators clean air and water
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