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Water Recycling

water treatment solutions for water recycling
Ozone is one of the strongest disinfectants and oxidants available for recycled water treatment. And it is safe.

Clean, clear, healthy water is what we all want and need. With the uncertainty of its availability due to drought conditions or geographic location, recycling water is critical for conservation and sustainability.

All water on Earth is technically recycled as it is repeatedly cycled through the planetary hydrosphere. The term “recycled water” typically mean wastewater from a home or business which is treated to a level necessary for its intended use. Ozone is one of the strongest disinfectants and oxidants available for recycled water treatment.

The use of ozone has been used in drinking water plants since 1906 where the first industrial ozonation plant was built in Nice, France. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has accepted ozone as being safe. It is even applied to food as an anti-microbial agent for it’s treatment, storage, and processing.

well water recycling and well water disinfection
Prozone system designed for well water disinfection
potable water recycling systems
Prozone movable potable water systems manufactured for the UN for Haiti

Prozone’s founder Ron Barnes invented and patented the water purification system used by NASA for evaluating water processing for the International Space Station. Today it is used globally in water purification systems. Pioneers of ozone water treatment, Prozone has developed superior ozone and advanced oxidation process systems. Their ease of integration into any water recycling configuration has made Prozone the first choice for the industry.

Barnes' NASA Water Purification Invention Rig
The original water purification rig used by NASA
Aqua Recycle® logo
Aqua Recycle®, employing Prozone’s PZ2-48  Hybrid Skid Unit ozone generator, dramatically cuts water use and energy costs and helps the environment with their Laundry Water Recycle System.

Aqua Recycle® is a company that has enhanced their Laundry Water Recycle Systems with the use of Prozone ozone generators. Prozone’s PZ2 Hybrid Skid Mount systems are complete turn-key solutions for applications such as this.


water treatment solutions for water recycling
Prozone PZ2-48 Hybrid Skid Unit employed by Aqua Recycle®
water treatment solution for water recycling
PZ2-24 Hybrid Skid Unit Ozone Generator

In another configuration, Aqua Recycle® has employed Prozone’s PZ3-X ozone generator cartridges to achieve the desired oxidation of water contaminants. Specializing in solving individual problems and meeting custom requirements, Prozone has the oxidizing equipment to fulfill the need.

Prozone Ozone Generator PZ3-Xs used by Aqua Recycle®
Four Prozone PZ3-X ozone generators employed by Aqua Recycle®
Prozone PZ3-X Ozone Generator
Prozone PZ3-X Ozone Generator
ozone generators clean air and water
ozone generators clean air and water
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