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You have an excellent team that  provides top notch service.

David R. Johnson

Area Account Manager  –   Middle East /Africa/ Trinidad/India

HornerXpress Worldwide, Inc

At least 15 years ago, I bought an ozonator for my above ground pool, very similar to your current product PZ4 Ozonator.  I bought it then through the internet and at a time when most people knew nothing about use of ozone for pool water. The device paid for itself in 2 years and worked perfectly until this spring. I live in Maryland, so I’ve run the ozonator only from spring to fall.  It was stored inside for the winter, together with pump.

I thank you again for this great product.  For the past 15 years I have been telling everybody who had a pool to stop wasting money on pool chemicals and to buy your product. We even love the faint smell of the ozone when we swim in the pool.

Bob Rychlik

The true test for the Prozone system was the endurance of the entire summer at our facility with approximately 20,000 visitors, 40 pool parties, 9 swim meets, 90+ degree temperatures, and the district 2 swim meet with 10 cities and approximately 1000 swimmers. At the end of our 2004 swim season our water clarity remained the same, our chlorine levels were easier to maintain, and our maintenance cost were significantly reduced. We reduced our chemical cost form $31,450.00 to $8,635 a savings of almost 75%. This system not only reduced our chemical cost, it reduced our complaints of burning eyes, chlorine odor, unclear water, and paid for itself in our first summer.

Frank Miller

Director of Parks and Recreation

Hartselle, Alabama


My first experience with Prozone was in 1979 when you sold me unit which we put on my 28’X16’X10′ (10′ at the deepest end) swimming pool in Wichita, Kansas.  The first unit operated successfully until 1990 when I updated to a new model.

This unit, as of last summer, was working very successfully.  One might want to know that my wife has long hair and she was not required to wash the chlorine out of her hair.  She was also pleased that she was able to wear her swim suit for several years running without it fading.  We only used chlorine on Sunday evenings, used a sand filter and used approximately four (4) cups just to shock for algae.  I actually had the water tested once and it was more pure than the city tap water.

I now have a new home with a swim-spa and with the spa unit you sold me for my 8’X16’x4′ we only use 1/2 cup of bleach a week (just plain bleach).  Our water has always been clear in both the pool and spa.  All of our guests commented about the chlorine not burning their eyes and that they were not overwhelmed by the smell of the chlorine.

Jack K. Lashley, Jr.


I don’t know if we have any official reports of chlorine savings, but I can tell you that I am the CPO so I am the one who fills the bromine dispenser and I used to have to fill it every 3-4 days and now I only fill it once a week and sometimes I can let it go up to 10 days before filling (during the least busy season, Dec-Feb). So, I would say we are using about 50% less bromine than previously!

City of Fairhope

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