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Very Ultraviolet vs. common Corona Discharge

The following comparison assumes the corona discharge ozone generator is the common type used on small pools.  It has no oxygen concentrator. UV systems do not require oxygen concentrators or air dryers to get consistent and clean ozone.
VUV Ozone GeneratorCorona Discharge Ozone Generator
Constant ozone output, predictable water qualityErratic ozone output, unpredictable water quality
Low voltage 50 volt arcHigh voltage 10,000 volt arc, hazardous
Operable with partial system failure, helps prevent down timeInoperable with partial system failure, increases probability of down time
Lower concentration per volume of air, more readily absorbed into waterHigher concentration per volume of air, requires contact chamber and off-gas destruction chamber to be effective and safe
Multiple injection points possibleSingle injection points only
Can be operated without circulation system Operates only with circulation system, requires filtration run to inject ozone
Pure ozone production, free of byproductsProduces nitric acid in generator and pool water, potential damage to equipment
No electrical noiseGenerates electromagnetic radiation, may disturb radio/TV reception
Replaceable lamps / compressorReplaceable corona element, dryer, etc.
Much lower failure rate than any corona discharge ozone systemHigher failure rate due to more complicated equipment and higher voltage
Prozone has only ozone system UL listed as a pool productAll other ozone systems are UL listed as appliances to be kept a certain distance from the pool water.
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