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Ron Barnes Honored

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Roy Reed and Ron Barnes attend 'Inventors Ball' at the USSRC

Roy Reed and Ron Barnes attend ‘Inventors Ball’ at the USSRC

Physicist, Inventor and CEO of Prozone Honored for His Invention

Huntsville physicist and inventor, Ron Barnes, was honored as a VIP at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center gala, ‘Inventors’ Ball’, which celebrated the best of Huntsville’s vast inventing community. The gala paid homage to the inventors featured in the USSRC museum exhibit “101 Rocket City Inventions”.

Inspired by the Smithsonian traveling exhibit “101 Inventions That Changed the World”, the Center developed the Huntsville (Rocket City) component that showcased the ingenuity of the community that sent humans to the Moon. Included was Barnes’ patent for a water purification system used by NASA for evaluating water processing for the International Space Station. It is used globally in water purification systems.

The Barnes Invention for water purification was selected among thousands of local patents as significant both as a patent and Mr. Barnes as an inventor. “Working in aerospace and human space exploration has been inspiring, and my Ozone and Advanced Oxidation technologies continue to be expanded into dozens of air and water purification industries, right here in Huntsville,” he said.

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Ron Barnes and Water Purification Invention Display
Ron Barnes in front of his invention for water purification at the USSRC
Barnes' NASA Water Purification Invention Rig
The original water purification rig used by NASA

Water and air purification using Advanced Oxidation Processes are Barnes’ passion. He has provided technology and systems for thousands of economical, sustainable drinking water systems all over the world, especially in third world countries through private organizations, corporations, and church sponsored missions work.  “Millions die every year from drinking unclean water. Just because it looks clean doesn’t mean it is drinkable,” said Barnes. “Availability of potable water is life changing for people all over the world. Our technology removes the doubt and fear that they have access to pure, life-sustaining water for their families.”

Barnes is the founder of Prozone Water Products, Inc, a family operated business, that pioneered the technology that purifies pool and spa water. Recognized as the industry standard, Prozone continues to lead the way with innovative, reliable, and safe ozonators and water treatment systems.

Although the full exhibit is no longer available, Barnes’s invention display remains as a part of the USSRC museum. Considered to be a valuable piece of our history in space exploration, the water purification system can be viewed indefinitely.

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