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Eco Master® Readers’ Choice

Eco Master Pool Ozone Generator
Pool and Spa News Readers Choice Award
Eco Master Spa Ozone Generator

Prozone’s Eco Master has been voted one of the Top 50 Products for 2014 by readers of Pool & Spa News.

This list is based on new products featured in the December 2013 New Product Supplement of Pool and Spa News and reader surveys to determine the best of 2014.

The Eco Master combines Germicidal UV with Ozone and Advanced Oxidation Processing to deliver the most powerful non-chemical, non-chlorine, non-mineral oxidation and purification currently available for pools and spas through patented hybrid technology.  Ron Barnes, Inventor and Prozone CEO, first became aware that Advanced Oxidation Processing (AOP) was “part of the process” very early on after inventing Prozone’s first Ozone system for pools in 1977.  “The technology isn’t new to us”, says Barnes.  “The EcoMaster is as much about the patented AOP generator and contactor as the technology.  AOP happens fast.  You have to get it into the water quickly.”

The EcoMaster, like all of Prozone’s designs, features an all in one design for easy installation.   The system is covered by eighteen US patents, international patents, and patents pending.  The EcoMaster is the newest in Prozone’s catalogue of eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and cost efficient products for air and water.

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