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The Twister™

Twister Air Purifier

Advanced Oxidation Air Purification System

The Twister™ is more than an air purifier. This unique and powerful device destroys biological & chemical pollutants in the air and eliminates their associated odors — with no harmful by-products. The Twister™ is the only air purification device for individual use to harness the force-multiplying power of advanced oxidation. With its patented arsenal of nature’s secret weapons — advanced oxidation, pure O3 ozone, and germicidal ultraviolet light, it simply cannot be compared to other products that just attract and hold pollutants and pathogens.

Great for Home, Car, Office and More
  • A single unit can treat a 3,000 sq. ft. home or office — place it in front of the air return to help clean
    up the ductwork.
  • The Twister is great in commercial settings where odor control & sanitary conditions are a
    particular concern, like health clubs, spa enclosures, locker rooms, pool rooms, veterinary clinics, and medical and dental offices.
  • Hotels and car rental agencies use it to convert smoking rooms or cars to non-smoking units.
Versatile and Customizable
  • Three operating modes and a precision-engineered timer allow full customization.
  • Ultraviolet Sterilization
  • This light-duty mode is always on and provides general cleaning of the air.
  • Timed Ozone and Advanced Oxidation
  • The timer is set for ozone generation at planned intervals, such as when residents, clients or employees are present.
  • Continuous Ozone
  • Used for heavy-duty jobs, like eliminating strong odors, when occupants are not present for extended periods.
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The Twister™

Specifications and Features
  • Easy to use: two switches, mechanical timer
  • No installation: simply position unit in appropriate location and plug into an electrical outlet
  • Ozone purity: 100%, no nitrogen byproducts
  • Arc tube life 20,000 hours
  • 2 fans, one each for air intake and outflow
  • Air flow rate 20 CFM
  • Washable polymer filter on intake vent
  • Electrical: 110/120 VAC
  • Compact: 14”W x 4”D x 13½”H
  • Lightweight & portable: 6 lbs, rugged HDPE plastic
  • Quiet, low cost operation (< 100 watts)
  • Virtually no maintenance, no plates to clean
  • One year manufacturer’s defect warranty
  • EPA EST. No. 73054- AL-001


Patent 6,426,053,  International Patents and Patents Pending
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