About Us

Original Inventor of AOP/VUV Technology
Prozone Water Products Inc., founded by physicist Ron Barnes in 1977, provides unique solutions to purification requirements of fluids, air and surfaces. Pioneers of Ozone, Germicidal UV-C, and Advanced Oxidation Process technologies, Prozone’s expertise is designing safe and efficient methods for industrial and commercial water treatment. Specializing in partnering with industry leaders to solve diverse sanitation and purification problems, Prozone is the trusted authority.  Prozone has manufactured and supplied over a million purification systems throughout the world for point-of-use drinking water, cistern and well water systems, aquatics systems, plant, fruit, and vegetable processing systems, fisheries, hatcheries, cooling towers, recreational water, and waste and sewage water treatment.

Oxidized Clean Water Without Harmful By-Products
As a recognized industry leader, Prozone’s Hybrid Cold Plasma systems deliver sustainable, on-site production of oxidizers without harmful by-products. Through its research, Prozone continues to innovate oxidation systems technology development for International organizations such as United Nations, NASA, Universities, Corporations and the Departments of Agriculture, Defense and the Interior.

Prozone Water Products specializes in small to medium sized ozone and hydroxyl producing and contacting hardware, and has a patent portfolio consisting of ~35 US patents and international patents pending in the following key areas:

Ozone Generation using Hybrid Cold Plasma Germicidal VUV – Designed to harness the VUV spectrum of 185nm photochemical production of ozone and 254nm germicidal DNA modification.
Ozone and UV-C Advanced Oxidation Processing (AOP) – Photochemical method in which photons in the UV spectrum convert ozone in the presence of water to Hydroxyl Radicals in a process known as Advanced Oxidation Process. This process allows the conversion of ambient ozone into hydroxyls, thus eliminating ozone off-gassing.
Oxygen Fed Corona Discharge Air Cooled Ceramic Flat Plate Ozone Generators
Contacting Systems using Bypass Dynamic Venturi Injectors and Serpentine Counter-Flow Structures
How Prozone Began..
Prior to coming to Huntsville Mr Barnes was selected as a member of the Evaluation Team of Apollo 13 and the recertification of Apollo 14, and relocated from Wichita, Kansas to Huntsville in 1986 as a NASA Challenger Shuttle Disaster Evaluation team member. He worked for Boeing as the Principal Engineer on the International Space Station Freedom from 1988 to 1992. After that, he contracted with NASA, providing expertise and equipment using his technology to evaluate ozone and AOP for water treatment on the Space Station. His family businesses, Prozone Water Products, Inc, Ecozone, Inc and Vistek, Inc have licensed his patents relevant to the air and water purification industries which Barnes began pioneering in the 1970s in Kansas. His companies have sold over 1.3 million systems in over 70 countries.

Barnes has a combined total of 33 US patents and other international patents pending, including a patent for the WORM drive that eventually became the writable CDROM, developed with a team led by Barnes at NCR in Wichita, KS. His most recent patents were developed around Ozone and Chlorine generators and Advanced Oxidation Processing (AOP). In addition to patents for the production of Ozone and Hydroxyls, are patents for contacting, installation, design and processes relating to purification of surfaces, air and fluids. Applications include industrial and commercial water treatment; point-of-use drinking water, cistern and well water systems; aquatics systems; agricultural plant and fruit/vegetable processing; cooling towers, recreational water, waste and sewerage water treatment; and blood disease treatment. Air purification systems include residential and commercial systems, surface sanitation, refrigeration, and hazmat suits for biological destruction and warfare.

Today, the companies are all located in Huntsville, AL.  “My wife and I came to Huntsville on a three month contract and fell in love with the city. I knew this is where I could thrive personally and intellectually within such a high tech community. We relocated not only our businesses from Kansas, but also most of our family. The legacy that began in Kansas will continue for future generations in Alabama.”