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40th Anniversary

Prozone Advanced Oxidation Technology

Walk Down Memory Lane of 40 Years of Pioneering Discoveries and Technologies in Water, Air & Surface Purification

The standard bearers in ozone and advanced oxidation processes (AOP), Prozone has been making pools and spas drinking water pure for 40 years. The graphic above shows the Prozone 40th logo front and center – representing our water ozonators by glowing and producing bubbles. Each of the larger bubbles has inside it an image of an marketing product from different points in our history as a company. Below each bubble are brief descriptions of the individual images.


Prozone's first logo from 1977 in a bubble
This is our first Prozone logo when the company established in 1977.


Prozone logo from 1981 in a bubble
Prozone founder and inventor Ron Barnes created this space-age logo in 1981.


Howard's Pool Company Ad in a bubble
In this bubble is an ad from 1983 telling of Howard Dickerson’s success as a dealer selling Prozone products.


Makes Pools and spas drinking water pure cover.
This is an image from a catalog cover from 1987. Our slogan “Pools & Spas Made Drinking Water Pure” began that year.


PZ3 orbiting the Earth graphic in a bubble
This is a graphic of the PZ3 orbiting Earth from an ad we created in 1992 in honor of the Space Station work Ron was involved with.


Makes pools and spas drinking water pure cover 2000
“Prozone Makes Pools & Spas Drinking Water Pure” was on our catalog cover from the year 2000.


Molecule graphic showing Prozone features on box wrap
A dramatic new graphic campaign and package design marked the mid 2000’s for Prozone.


Prozone current catalog cover in a bubble
This is an image of our current full color catalog with our slogan “Prozone Makes Water Clean, Clear, Healthy…Simply Brilliant”.
ozone generators clean air and water
ozone generators clean air and water
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