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Commercial Pools

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Prozone purifies pool water, making it sparkling clean and clear, while neutralizing harsh, irritating by-products of all pool chemicals. Ozone and Hydroxyls, the most powerful oxidizers in nature, are the natural water purifiers of the century. And, Prozone is the simplest, most innovative Advanced Oxidation Process – Ozone system on the market.

Commercial Pool Ozonators:

Prozone ozonators destroy cryptosporidium (crypto), other microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and algae on contact, with no harmful by-products making them the ideal choice for commercial pools. Adding a Prozone ozonator substantially reduces the need for chlorine, maintenance, time and cost and even prolongs the pool equipment life.

PZ2-1 and PZ2-2 Pool Ozonators

Heavily Loaded Pools Up To 12,500 & 25,000 Gallons

Nominal Loading Up To 25,000 & 50,000 Gallons

PZ2-1 & PZ2-2 For Pools

Prozone Patented Corona Hybrid Arc Tube harnesses the high ozone concentrations of Corona Discharge generators while maintaining the simplicity and reliability of Very Ultra Violet technology.

PZ2-4 thru PZ2-48 Pool Ozone generators

Pools Up To 50,000 Gallons

Through Pools Up To 600,000 Gallons

PZC Corona Discharge Ozone Side photo

Pools 100.000 Gallons To 1,500,000 Gallons

ozone generators clean air and water
ozone generators clean air and water
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